Monday, August 13, 2007

Ukrops Parade Poster Contest

24th Annual Ukrop’s Christmas Parade Poster Contest


WHO: Designers (adults, youth and children) to create a poster that captures the spirit of our city’s Christmas Parade. Submissions will be judged in three categories:

Adult (age 18 and over)
Youth (age 12 to 17)
Child (age 8 to 11)

WHAT: Draw from your favorite parade memory or fashion a piece that shows a bit of everything that makes the parade such a favorite—floats, balloons, marching bands, specialty groups and, of course, Santa!

WHEN: The time to get creative is NOW!
Poster submissions are due by: Friday, September 7th
(for use for the Ukrop’s Christmas Parade in 2007)

HOW: Artwork should be at least 11” x 17” in size (suitable to be converted to a poster). The more colorful and festive the better!

Original artwork cannot be returned. Richmond Parade, Inc. reserves the right to use submitted artwork for promotional purposes related to the Ukrop’s Christmas Parade.

WHERE: Submissions may be turned in the Richmond Parade Office, 2500 Grenoble Rd. or at Art Works, 320 Hull St.,

QUESTIONS?: For more information, please contact Richmond Parade, Inc. at: 804-559-6113 or visit

Winners will receive four VIP passes to all Parade events and will be recognized in printed materials.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Call for Art

If you are a self-taught and/or outsider artist looking to show and sell your work, Art Enables needs to see it by September 7, 2007 to be considered for Outsider Art Inside the Beltway 2007!

Outsider Art Inside the Beltway is an intriguing look at differences in common celebrating the unique voices of dozens of area outsider and self-taught artists.

Outsider Art Inside the Beltway is a juried show of the best of outsider and folk art produced in and around DC in programs that give artists the chance to tell their stories through visual art. Individual self-taught artists will also be featured.

The exhibition will be at the Art Enables Gallery October 13, 2007 from 11 AM to 7 PM, with an opening talk beginning at 5 PM.

To submit work and get more details or information, contact Art Enables at 202.554.9455 or e-mail You can also download the flier here or e-mail the Outside the Lines Program Director at for further information. No entry fee.

Outside the Lines & Art Enables @ Positive Vibe Cafe

Curator’s Statement
Art Enables Exhibition | June 16 – August 18, 2007

There is no question that artists with disabilities experience a world quite different from the world that is experienced by those without disabilities. As a result, their artistic strength is generously unfiltered and their art is infused with a directness and enthusiasm that often leaves the viewer filled with a sort of emotional awe.

The artists who work with Art Enables are no different. Many of these artists are, for whatever reason, isolated from mainstream ideas of what “art should look like”. At the Art Enables studio they find an environment where they are free to not only move and listen to their inner muses but also free to explore new techniques and work with quality materials while seeing their work marketed to a broad public that earns them money.

Outside the Lines is proud to be able to exhibit the art of the artists of Art Enables. The work exhibited here shows not only a wide spectrum of color but also a broad spectrum of emotion, grit and whimsy. Each piece is unique, intriguing and idiosyncratic all at once. Every artist featured here gives us an often humorous and unfiltered look at their inner worlds.

If every picture tells a story, it is my hope that you will enjoy the stories told here as much as we do.